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Commercial exterior painters

Hey there! Are you a business owner planning to get the exterior of your Commercial Exterior Painter? Then you must be wondering where to begin and what matters must be addressed.

Working with commercial exterior painters can help you a lot in navigating this serious thing. Yes, it’s actually a serious matter when you plan to paint your commercial building because it’s what will define the professionalism of your business.

Employing good commercial exterior painters will bring you a far better paint job than the desired one, which can double the foot traffic to your business.

Let’s learn everything you need to know about commercial exterior painting

5 Most Common Commercial Exterior Painting Problems

Attention! Listed below are the 5 most common problems you may encounter. Be careful and avoid them.

1. Chipped or peeling paint:

This is the most common problem with commercial exterior paint jobs. It can happen for a bunch of reasons, like not preparing the surface right, using the wrong paint, or not putting on enough paint coats.

Professional commercial exterior painters can help you avoid this problem with their extensive knowledge of painting.

2. Blistering paint:

It is caused by moisture trapped under the paint. This happens if you don’t prep the surface properly or over-paint the walls with the exterior paint.

3. Faded paint:

The UV rays of the sun are to blame for this. It can be prevented by using paint with UV protection.

It’s the daily work of commercial exterior painters to deal with commercial paints. So you can be sure that you will get the right paint when working with professional commercial painters

4. Mildew or algae growth:

This nasty gunk can grow on anything, but it’s way more likely to show up on exterior surfaces that are exposed to moisture. But you can totally prevent it by using commercial paint that has mildew and algae-resistant properties.

5. Rust and Corrosion

Metal surfaces on commercial buildings may be vulnerable to rust and corrosion, potentially impacting both aesthetics and structural stability.

It is common practice for skilled commercial exterior painters to utilize specialized coatings that offer an added level of safeguard against rust, thereby prolonging the longevity of the painted surface.

5 Tips for a Longer-lasting Commercial Exterior Paint Job

If you want your building to look dope and keep its paint job for a while, you can’t just throw some paint on with a brush.

Check out these five tips to make sure your commercial building’s exterior paint stays appealing:

1. Surface Preparation Is Key

Before a single drop of paint is applied, thorough surface preparation is essential.

You gotta clean up the surface, fix any cracks or damages, and put some primer on it. This way, the paint will stick better and you’ll get a nice smooth finish.

2. Choose High-Quality Paints

Investing in high-quality paints might be slightly costlier upfront, but it pays off in the long run.

If you want your paint job to stick around, you gotta go for good commercial paint. Quality paints are way stronger, won’t fade as quickly, and can handle whatever challenges posed by the environment.

3. Climate-Appropriate Paint Selection

You know that different regions experience different weather conditions. So, when you’re picking out paint, make sure it’s made for the climate in your neck of the woods.

Whether it’s blazing hot, pouring rain, or freezing cold environments, using the right climate-friendly paint can make a huge difference in how long your exterior paint job lasts.

4. Regular Maintenance

Even the best paint job requires some maintenance over time. Regularly inspect the exterior of your building for signs of wear, such as peeling or fading.

Addressing these issues promptly can stop them from getting worse and causing even bigger drama.

5. Hire Professional Commercial Exterior Painters

While DIY might be tempting, commercial exterior painting is a task best left to professionals.

Commercial exterior painters who’ve been in the game for a while know this painting stuff really well. They can tackle any surface, have the best equipment and materials, and use some cool tricks to make sure the job looks flawless

Best Exterior Paint Colors for Commercial Buildings in 2023

Right now, warm colors pallets are super popular in commercial exterior painting. And if you want to make a space more interesting and chill, you can throw in some cool fabric patterns and bold accents.

Have you heard about the Sherwin-Williams 2023 commercial color palette? They’re all about those earthy vibes with colors like Chatura Gray, Evergreen Fog, and Redend Point (which is their color of the year).

Bold accents with bright colors also add interest to dark brown spaces, and commercial painting contractors love shades like emerald green, rich red, and terra cotta, plus some peach and purple tones.

Pantone has also dropped their color of the year and it’s Viva Magenta. Your place is gonna look lit with that shade. And Benjamin Moore’s 2023 color of the year is Raspberry Blush. Can you imagine how amazing that’s gonna be, playing with all these colors?

So, commercial exterior painters, these days are all about making your place look superb with different trending paints. They’re also using natural elements to do it, like wood and stone, which can also give a nod to the local vibe.

K&K Painting Corp: Commercial Exterior Painters You Have Been Looking For

If you are in search of a remarkable transformation that commands attention, ignites meaningful discussions, and leaves a lasting impression, K&K Painting Corp is the preeminent name in Boston for the best commercial painting services.

Our commercial exterior painters don’t just paint. They make unique visual stories that match your brand’s identity with the best industry colors, textured finishes, and modern techniques.

We’re all about taking things to the next level and embracing the awesome. We’re dedicated to using only top-notch materials and the latest techniques, so you can get a professional paint job that’ll knock your socks off and stay fresh for years.

Let’s paint a bold new chapter together!

FAQs Answered

Can I use exterior paint inside?

Don’t even think of using exterior paint if you’re painting inside your home.

It is full of chemicals that can seriously mess with your health, even after it dries. You don’t want to end up with headaches, breathing problems, or allergies, do you?

Besides all the health problems, it’ll also make your indoor air quality straight-up bad.

Whether they are professional commercial painters or residential exterior painters, you will see everyone advising them not to use exterior paint inside.

How to paint an exterior door?

Here are the steps on how to paint an exterior door:

1. Gather your supplies. You will need:

– Paint (water-based or oil-based, depending on the type of door)

– Primer (optional, but recommended if changing colors)

– Paintbrushes (a wide brush for the large areas and a small brush for the details)

– Roller

– Sandpaper

– Tack cloth

– Drop cloths

– Safety glasses

– Gloves

2. Prepare the door: Remove all hardware, such as the doorknob and hinges. Clean the door with a mild soap and water solution. Sand the door lightly to roughen the surface and improve paint adhesion. Wipe away the dust with a tack cloth.

3. Apply the primer: If you are changing colors, apply a coat of primer. This helps the new paint to adhere better and prevents the old color from bleeding through.

4. Apply the paint: Paint the door’s edges using a brush. The paint should then be applied to the broad areas using a roller. Paint the surface twice, letting each layer thoroughly dry between coats.

5. Once the paint is dry, reattach the hardware to the door.


Wanna make your commercial building stand out? Get some commercial exterior painters on the job! Not only will it look outstanding, but it’ll also reflect your professionalism and can significantly boost foot traffic.

Avoid common issues like chipped paint and blistering by enlisting The Exterior Painters who understand surface preparation, high-quality paint selection, and climate-appropriate choices.

K&K Painting Corp leads the charge of exterior commercial painting in Boston, offering top-tier materials and techniques for an attention-grabbing transformation.

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